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Aside from the regular state-issued identification documents, military officers have a unique ID that grants them access to military premises in and out of the US. If you’re planning to join the US military, here’s what you should know about military ID cards.

Renewing a Military ID in the US

What is a Military ID Card, And Why Might You Need It?

A military ID card is a unique document given to serving and retired military officers and their dependent family members as proof of their affiliation to the military. The United States Department of Defense gives these cards to military people as part of the recruiting process. You may need a military card to access particular services at military bases. You may also need one of these to enjoy military discounts in designated shopping stores, medical facilities, restaurants, and other businesses.

Aside from identification, a military card has other significant benefits. When you apply for a military card, you get access to:

  • • TRICARE health benefits

  • • Commissionary and exchange

  • • Morale

  • • Welfare and Recreation

  • • Duty-free produce

  • • Access to military bases depending on your rank

Who Can Get One?

Military ID cards are reserved for members serving within this department. Everyone from the lowest to the highest-ranking individual has a right to get one of these. However, if you’re a spouse to military staff, you also get a military card. Veterans and their spouses also get veteran military cards.

Requirements and Documentation Needed

Signing up for a military ID card is a rigorous exercise requiring multiple checks before you receive the card. Here’s a list of requirements and documents you must have when requesting a military ID card.

Where and How to Apply

You can apply for this document online by visiting the official military ID issuing website. You should note that this website is only accessible to people within the US. You can also visit your military base and submit the forms and documents in person. You must provide all required documents for a successful application. Once the document is ready, you must go through a real-time identification process before it is issued.

If you lose your ID card, you should report to the police and your military base immediately. Visit the military website and apply for a replacement. You can also get a card replacement from your military base if you prefer an in-person application.

Cost, Validity, And Processing Time

You have access to your military card until you are discharged. Thankfully, you do not pay any money to get a military ID. Processing an ID takes about three to four weeks to complete. However, it may take longer to process military ID replacements, especially for spouses and dependents.