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Connecticut is the third smallest State in the US and it is situated in the northeastern part of the country. Its capital city is Hartford, and its Governor is Ned Lamont. Its population is around 3,565,287 people (2019). Connecticut is named after the Connecticut River, and it’s nicknamed "the Constitution State" or "Nutmeg".

Connecticut is a place with outstanding natural beauty. It has mountains, forests, and wonderful green countryside. Manufactures of clocks, hardware, india-rubber goods, smallwares, textiles, and firearms are part of the economical business. There are also iron-mines in the NW for stone-quarries, lead, copper, and cobalt mines. Climate is healthy, changeable, and in winter severe.

The country was early explored by the Dutch, but the first permanent settlements were made by English emigrants in 1634. Connecticut celebrates its old and rich roots in a number of cultural festivals each year. The schedule runs mainly during the warm season from May through October. Connecticut’s system of state parks and forests provide many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy activities such as camping and fishing as well as hiking, boating and picnicking.

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