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California is situated on the western coast of North America; it is among the most geographically diverse states. Its capital is Sacramento, but the biggest city is Los Angeles. Its population is 35,893,799 inhabitants (2019).This state has received the nickname of "the Golden State" because of the gold discovered there in the 19th century. California's Governor is Gavin Newsom.

In California you can find the world's most fertile valley. The biggest problems of California are water and the air pollution in the big cities. In 1906 there was a big earthquake in San Francisco, due to which most of the city was destroyed. The last big earthquake was in 1989.

California is a land of contrasts. You can find the highest mountain (Mount Whitney 4,418 metres) only some miles away from the lowest point on the western hemisphere in Death Valley (86 metres below sea level). In that place, the hottest temperature in the USA (56,7°C) was recorded.

California is also the place where you can find the highest tree in the world: the Sequoia in Mirwood forest (near San Francisco). With its Hispanic, Latino, Asian and Native American cultural roots, it is a melting pot that joins together cuisines, languages and traditions from every corner of the globe.

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