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North Dakota

North Dakota is a north-central state, it is bounded by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north and by the U.S. states of Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west. Bismarck, located in the centre of the state, is the capital, but the largest city is Fargo. It is the fourth least populous, and the fourth most sparsely populated of the 50 states of the USA with a population of 762,062 inhabitants in 2019. Its governor is Doug Burgum.

North Dakota’s north-central location gives the state a continental climate that is noted for its extreme temperatures. Temperatures have surged above 120 °F (about 49 °C) in summer and have plunged into the −60s F (about −51 °C) in winter.

Most of the state is covered by grasses. The grasslands still serve as a natural habitat for herds of buffalo and antelope, though many of the buffalo are protected in state parks.

In 1803 the land was acquired by the United States to Spain and England in the Louisiana Purchase. For a long time the region was called the Dakota territory, and included both North and South Dakota. Railroads were built in the late 1800s, bringing American settlers with them, and North Dakota was declared its own state in 1889 and was admitted to the union as the 39th state on November 2, 1889.

The early 21st century, services had become the dominant economic activity, accounting for more than one-third of state income. The state remains dependent on mining and agriculture, however, the agriculture sector declined in part as a result of adverse national farm policies and partly because of the effects of disastrous weather.

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Complete List of Cities in North Dakota


    Fargo is a City in Cass county with -150 000 inhabitants.


    Bismarck is a City in Burleigh county with -75 000 inhabitants.


    Grand Forks is a City in Grand Forks county with -75 000 inhabitants.


    Minot is a City in Ward county with -50 000 inhabitants.


    West Fargo is a City in Cass county with -30 000 inhabitants.


    Mandan is a City in Morton county with -20 000 inhabitants.


    Dickinson is a City in Stark county with -20 000 inhabitants.


    Jamestown is a City in Stutsman county with -20 000 inhabitants.


    Williston is a City in Williams county with -15 000 inhabitants.


    Wahpeton is a City in Richland county with -10 000 inhabitants.


    Devils Lake is a City in Ramsey county with -10 000 inhabitants.


    Valley City is a City in Barnes county with -10 000 inhabitants.


    Grafton is a City in Walsh county with -5 000 inhabitants.


    Beulah is a City in Mercer county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    Rugby is a City in Pierce county with -3 000 inhabitants.


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