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Idaho is bordered by Canada in the north, Montana and Wyoming in the east, Utah and Nevada in the south, and Oregon and Washington in the west. With a population of 1,787,065 in 2019, it’s the 7th least densely populated state of the country. The state's capital and largest city is Boise, and its governor is Brad Little.

Idaho has a diverse climate pattern. It is home to numerous birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, and reptile species. It is also one of the few states in which grizzly bears and gray wolves roam free, though in small numbers.

More than nine-tenths of the population is of European descent, and they are slightly younger than the national average. The rural counties of Idaho have lost population to the state’s towns and cities, with the result that family farms and ranches are giving way to large corporate entities.

Economically, industrial expansion replaced dependence on agriculture, lumbering, and mining in the 20th century, when Idaho also emerged as one of the top states in tourist income.

No matter the month or season, you can expect to find a celebration of Idaho’s rich culture and history at a variety of festivals around the state.

Idaho is home to the largest concentration of Basques in the U.S.; Jaialdi is a six-day festival held every five years in Boise, in honor to them.

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