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Maine lies at the northeastern corner of the country; it is bordered by Canada in the north and east, the Atlantic Ocean in the south, and New Hampshire in the west. Maine is the 12th-smallest state by area, and the 9th-least populous (1,344,212 inhabitants in 2019) state in the USA. Its capital is Augusta, but its biggest city is Portland. Its governor is Janet Mills.

Maine has a humid continental climate, with warm and sometimes humid summers, and long, cold and very snowy winters. Winters are especially severe in the Northern and Western parts of Maine, while coastal areas are slightly moderated by the Atlantic Ocean. About 90 percent of Maine is covered in forests, so it’s no wonder that trees are among Maine’s most important natural resources. Some trees are used for their wood and others for their maple syrup. The wild life is very diversified, with the moose (the state animal), black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, and Canada lynx.

Several Native American tribes still exist in Maine, including descendants of the original Passamaquoddy, Maliseet, and Penobscot tribes and contrary to popular impressions, Yankees are not the sole inhabitants of Maine. Two groups of French descent make up the second largest ethnic bloc in the state.

Maine is a relatively poor state, with the lowest income per capita in New England. Commercial fishing, once a mainstay of the state's economy, maintains a presence, particularly lobstering and groundfishing.

Because of its rocky coastline, Maine is famous for lighthouses, it has more than 60 of them. The oldest lighthouse in Maine is the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.

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