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Oklahoma is a state in the southern part of the central United States; it is bordered by Colorado and Kansas to the north, Missouri and Arkansas to the east, Texas to the south and west, and New Mexico to the west of its Panhandle region. It is the 28th largest state by population with 3,956,971 inhabitants in 2019. Its capital and largest city is Oklahoma city. Its governor is Kevin Stitt.

Oklahoma has a southern humid belt merging with a colder northern continental one and humid eastern and dry western zones that cut through the state. The result is normally pleasant weather and an average annual temperature of about 60 °F (16 °C), increasing from northwest to southeast. No region is free from wind.

The word Oklahoma is derived from two Choctaw words: okla, “people”, and humma, “red”. Since its admission in 1907 as the 46th state of the union, Oklahoma has achieved an integration of its Native American citizens into modern economic and social life that probably is unmatched by any other state.

Oklahoma remains an economic satellite of the industrial North and East, furnishing food, raw materials, and fuels to them, and traditionally, agriculture furnishes an important part of Oklahoma’s income, mostly because its farms are slightly larger than the national average.

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