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Green Card USA

One way to prove your legal stay in the United States is by holding a permanent resident card, popularly known as Green Card. This is an identity document that you will need to obtain if you do not have US citizenship but live there.

If you are an inmigrant residing in the USA, you will need to get this important document so that you acquire the right to reside and work within the United States legally. So, continue reading and find out how to get your Green Card.


There are many ways to process the green card for permanent residence and each of them requires different processes to follow.

The generalized procedure for you to get your green card is as follows:

  • Eligibility: determine if you are eligible for permanent residence under any of the following indicated categories:
    • - Family
    • - Job
    • - For being a special immigrant
    • - By refugee or asylum status
    • - Victims of abuse
    • - Victims of human trafficking or other crimes
    • - By registration

  • Adjustment of status: it is the process to apply for your green card. If you have your adjustment of status, you can obtain permanent residence without leaving the United States.
    If, on the other hand, you are outside the United States, you have to process your foreigner visa in the consular office.

  • Joint filing: this is when the immigrant petition and application for adjustment of status are being processed at the same time in a center.

  • Availability of visas and priority dates: as its name mentions, priority is given to people who already have a visa, waiting for people who do not have it until a visa is available.

These procedures can also be for employment authorization, public charge or affidavit of financial sponsorship.

This is the most relevant information to help you obtain your permanent residence in the United States. It is important to keep in mind that your permanent resident card can be withdrawn if it is shown that you have committed constant or serious crimes for the country.