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Once you enter the military as an individual interested in serving, the military keeps a record of vital information about your time spent within its walls. Let’s find out what these records are, why you would need them, and how to get your records from the military.

How to request your military records

What Military Records Are and Why You Might Need Them

Military records are details regarding a discharged officer’s service tenure, training, awards, administrative remarks, disciplinary actions, insurance, admin remarks, and separation or retirement info. Military records only contain surface information about an officer.

You can request military records if you want to apply for other jobs to prove your record. They also come in handy when requesting government benefits available for ex-military officers. Some individuals also use this information for historical research and ancestry.

What Kinds of Records Are There?

There are several types of records available in the military database. Applicants can ask for the following:

  • • DD214 form – Certificate or discharge or release from active duty

  • • DD215 form – A correction form for incorrect details given in form DD214

  • • Report of Separation

  • Other discharge papers.

Note that these records are not available online. They are saved in microfilm or paper form. You must request the military to send these records to receive them.

Where, When, And How to Apply

You can apply for this provision online if you want your military records. Visit milConnect and sign in to your account. Click the correspondence/ documentation icon to reveal a drop-down menu; select defence personnel records information.

Click the icon indicating “personal file,” request the personal file, and fill out the document that pops up. Finally, hit the create and send buttons to complete the request. There isn’t a “military records search by name” option since you will have logged into your account.

Aside from the online application, you can also send a letter to the NRPC and mail it to 1 Archives Drive, St. Loius, Missouri 63138.

Mailing or faxing a request using form SF 180 to the NPRC, visiting the department in person, contacting the state or veterans agency, and hiring a personal researcher are other options for requesting military records.

Requirements And Documentation Needed

Considering that military information is sensitive, you must provide specific details before completing your application for any record on the military website. Essential requirements you must fulfill during this process include the following:

You may also have to provide other details if you were involved in the 1973 fire.

What Happens After You Request Military Records?

Once you send your request, you will receive an email from the military indicating that they have received your request and are processing it. After completing the request, you’ll receive a second email alerting you of the progress and letting you know the files are ready to review and download from your account. Milconnect allows you to check the application’s status on the dashboard.

Can You Request Someone Else’s Records?

The National Personnel Records Centre is responsible for disbursing this information and allows you to request someone’s records. However, it has put strict stipulations regarding who can ask for this intel. You have to be the next of kin of the veteran in question.

Parents, siblings, and unmarried spouses of a deceased or living veteran can ask for such intel. You can contact this department online or visit their offices in person if you have any questions.

Cost, Validity, And Processing Time

It costs nothing to request these documents, not unless you want to send a letter, and in this case, you will only incur postal office-related costs. You can access military service records free online on the official records website. After mailing your request, you will wait ten days for the response.

You should contact the bureau for more intel if you don’t receive feedback after that. Applicants should note that military records are valid as long as there isn’t an update on information regarding the person in question.


Military records are available to veterans, and their next of kin to ask for government benefits or apply for government jobs. Check out milConnect for more information on how to complete this request.