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There are many types of benefits available in the United States for those individuals who are in need. In fact, the system is so broad and occasionally complicated, that we thought it would be a good idea to summarize what benefits are out there, especially for those seeking compensation. Here’s what you need to know when considering applying for disability benefits in the US - particularly Social Security Disability Insurance.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits in the United States

Who Can Apply?

Disability compensation in the United States come in several forms, including:

  • • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

  • • Social Security Insurance (SSI)

  • • Health care coverage, including:

    • - Medicaid

    • - Medicare

    • - Affordable Care Act Marketplace

There are also programs at the federal, state and local levels that offer help if you have a disability - here is an excellent overview of what’s out there. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on SSDI. They provide monthly payments to those individuals whose medical conditions qualify as disabilities.

What are the Requirements and Documents Needed for SSDI Benefits in the United States?

There are several pieces of information you will need to provide when applying for benefits through the United States government. These include:

  • • Your social security number

  • • Proof of your age

  • • Information on all doctors, clinics, etc. that have serviced your medical disability needs

  • • All the medical records in your possession

  • • All of the medications and dose information you are taking

  • • Any lab and/or test results related to your disability

  • • Information on your work history

  • • Your latest W-2 form - or if you are self-employed, your latest tax return

If you are married, you should also have ready information on your spouse, including proof of marriage; likewise, you will have to supply info on any family members, such as their social security numbers and proof of age, especially if you are seeking benefits on their behalf.

The government stresses that you should not delay the beginning of your application process, even if you do not have all the information. They offer assistance in obtaining any information or documentation you may need in order to obtain benefits for those who are disabled.

How to Apply for US Disability Benefits

You should apply for them as soon as you become disabled. They offer various ways to get the process started. These include:

What Happens After You Apply?

The government will process your application based on the completeness of the information you provide. As mentioned, they will even assist and advise on how you can obtain any missing documentation, in order to provide as complete an application as possible. Much of your qualification for disability compensation will depend on the following:

  • • Your work record and Social Security coverage you earned from them

  • • The nature of your medical issue must meet the government’s definition of what qualifies as a disability

The government, upon assessment, will either approve or deny your application for disability compensation. Should your claim be denied, you have the chance to appeal. The denial of benefits can be for a medical reason or some other reason. You can go through the appeal process via the appropriate channel.

Once you’ve been approved, it generally takes six months after your application date for the monthly disability payments to begin. Again, they stress to begin your application as soon as you can after you have become disabled.

We hope you have found this summary useful!