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Bank account statements are becoming more popular in the US. More entities are asking for this document as a prerequisite for US citizens and residents to access their products or services. Whether you’re good with the internet or not, you can find multiple ways of accessing this document and proceeding with your processes. Here is how to get a bank statement in the US.

How to Access Your Bank Statements Online

What is a Bank Statement?

Before we find out how to get your bank statement, let’s first understand what it is and its importance. Briefly, a bank statement can be described as a document containing information regarding your bank's monthly, quarterly, or yearly transactions.

A typical bank statement will include transaction information, dates and times transactions were made, the balance for each period, and your bank account number. These records are used to prove your account is active, meaning you are a resident of a specific jurisdiction.

Anyone can get a hold of a bank account statement as long as they are a member of a bank. In most cases, people who want bank statements are usually after loans, government services, rent an apartment, file tax returns, and track expenditures linked to their accounts.

A bank account statement comes in handy when requesting several services in the US, even government procedures. You may have to provide a statement from the bank when:

  • Filing for divorce

  • • Filing your taxes

  • • Seeking financial support from the government

  • Applying for a US visa

  • • Inviting dependents from overseas to come live with you (proof of financial stability).

Requirements And Documentation Needed

A bank statement is a private document accessible to the account holder or the bank they are a member of. Therefore, you must produce particular requirements or prove you’re the account holder before the bank can send you a copy of your bank account statements. These necessities include the following:

  • • An active bank account

  • ID or passport

  • • Signature

Ascertain your account is active before requesting the bank to send you a bank statement.

Where And How to Get a Bank Statement

You can request the bank to send you this document via mail. This you will do with the help of a telephone call. You can also walk into the bank premises and request the staff to print it out and take it with you immediately.

You can conveniently log into the banking app and access the document online. This option allows you to download the documents to your computer or phone for future use.

Validity And Processing Time.

Bank statements are valid for up to three or four months, depending on how recent they are. However, some procedures require you to produce the latest copy of your statement, so you may have to provide a fresh one if the systems requiring this item are months apart.

It takes a few minutes to a week to process this request—the latter results from asking the bank to mail the statements to you. If you need your bank statements immediately, consider visiting the bank in person or utilizing the app bank for instant help.

Remember, banks may not keep your account statements after seven to ten years. It is advisable to copy bank statements and save them online or as printed documents, if you may need information dating that far behind in the future.

To Summarize

Learning how to get current bank statements isn’t such a difficult task. In most cases, you only have to prove without reasonable doubt that you’re the legit account holder to access these files. These papers are helpful when applying for loans, renting a space, or requesting government services in the US.