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Find the nearest location offering Passport services for issuing and renewal of a U.S. passport.

Enter the name of your city in the field below and you will be provided a list of facilities where you can apply for your United States passport, including post offices, public libraries, campuses of public universities, clerk of court offices, and government administrative offices entitled for Passport Application Processing.

Passport Acceptance Facilities USA

Whether you want to issue a new United States passport or renew your current one, you will be able to submit your U.S. passport application for processing at any of the locations listed here. You can narrow your search by typing in your city, ZIP code or state:

Passport Acceptance Facility

If you are applying to a passport in person at a Passport Facility or Location, please consider that some of them have limited service hours and may require an appointment, so it is advisable to contact the U.S. Passport Office prior to your visit.

Also, bear in mind that a Passport Acceptance Agent will need to verify personally your application, so contacting your office in advance will help make sure an agent will be available for you outside walk-in hours by scheduling an appointment.

How can I find out more about the passport application procedure?

Contact your nearest Passport Acceptance Facility to find out more about the procedures related to your passport application, such as scheduling an appointment, obtaining a checklist of the items and forms required to apply for a United States passport, checking your application status, estimating passport fees, learning about accepted payment methods, and other information requests.

What are Passport Acceptance Facilities?

The number and size of Passport Acceptance Facilities vary depending on the municipality, city, town or village where you reside.

Passport offices assist the US government in verifying the identity and citizenship of passport customers, same as checking their applications, before they can issue a first-time passport, renew a recently expired one, or replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport.

What kind of facilities can serve as a Passport Services office?

Any government office can apply to become a Passport Acceptance Facility.

The most common sites for Passport Services are US Post Offices. Post offices accepting passport applications have the advantage of sometimes offering other products and services for both first-time and renewal passport applications, e.g. taking your passport photo and walk-in service hours.

Public libraries are another example of very convenient locations offering passport acceptance services. Either submitting your application in walk-in service hours or with a previous appointment, libraries offer additional advantages, such as extended hours and a passport photo service at bargain prices. Most importantly, public libraries offer the convenience of applying for your passport anytime the library is open, even on evenings and on weekend hours.

Other locations such as public university campus, clerk of court offices, and other government offices are also acceptance facilities for Passport Services. These offices allow you the issuing for new passports, passport renewals and passport amendments, and in some cases other supplementary services related to your passport application.

This information is also available in the Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page of the U.S. Department of State.

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