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New York

New York is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeastern United States. It is bordered by Canada and Lake Ontario in the north; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south; Lake Erie in the west; and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the east. Its capital is Albany, while its largest city is New York city. It is the fourth-most-populous state with 19,453,561 inhabitants in 2019. To distinguish it from New York City, which is the largest city in the state, it is sometimes referred to as "New York State". Its governor is Andrew Cuomo.

New York city used to be the capital of the USA until 1789, when George Washington was sworn in as the United States’ first president. In 1790, the city of Washington, D.C. became the capital of the USA. New York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States.

Although the New York state is inextricably linked with New York City in many people’s minds, the state has a wide range of geographic and climatic conditions. Its climate is a humid continental one, but it is changing due to man-made increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide. It’s home to large mammals such as black bears, bobcats and moose, plus smaller mammals like weasels, raccoons and skunks.

New York state’s economy ranks among the largest in the world and accounts for a significant portion of the gross domestic product of the United States. The service sector predominates, though manufacturing is also important. It’s important to notice also that its resources of electrical power for domestic and commercial use are enormous.

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