Order official New York Birth Certificates and Vital Records online

A birth certificate is a critical document that serves as proof of identity and citizenship, which is essential for various purposes, including applying for a passport, enrolling in school, obtaining a driver's license, and accessing government benefits. Knowing how to obtain your New York birth certificate is important for anyone born in New York State or who has the legal right to request it on behalf of someone else.

Who Can Request a Birth Certificate?

The following individuals can request a New York birth certificate:

  • • The person named on the birth certificate (must be 18 years or older);
  • • A parent of the person named on the birth certificate (requesting parent’s name must be on the birth certificate);
  • • A legal guardian or legal representative of the person named on the birth certificate (with proper documentation).

What Documents Are Required?

To apply for a New York birth certificate, you must provide proper identification and documentation. Typically, you will need:

  • • A completed birth certificate application form;
  • • One form of valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport;
  • • Proof of relationship if you are not the person named on the certificate but are legally entitled to request it.

Download the application form and view detailed instructions for completing it on the New York Department of Health’s official website.

How to Obtain a New York Birth Certificate

There are several methods to obtain a New York birth certificate:

By Mail

Send your completed application form, photocopy of your valid ID, and payment to the New York Department of Health. Use the address listed on the application form.

In Person

Visit the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offices or local registrars in various locations across the state. Bring your completed application and valid ID. Check office hours and any required appointments on their website before visiting.


Use the VitalChek service to request a birth certificate online. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary documentation digitally. This method often includes an expedited processing option.

How Much Does a Birth Certificate Cost?

The cost for obtaining a birth certificate in New York is as follows:

  • • $30 per copy if ordered through the New York State Department of Health;
  • • $15 per copy if ordered from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene;
  • • Additional fees may apply for expedited services and shipping, especially if you use an online service like VitalChek.

Processing Time

The processing time can vary depending on the method of request:

  • • Mail: 10-12 weeks;
  • • In Person: Same day, though processing times vary by office;
  • • Online (VitalChek): 5-7 business days for expedited service.

Ensuring you follow these guidelines carefully can help make the process of obtaining your New York birth certificate smooth and efficient. If you have specific questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the New York Department of Health directly.

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