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Iowa is a midwestern state bordered by South Dakota and Minnesota in the north, Wisconsin and Illinois in the east, Illinois and Missouri in the south, and Nebraska and South Dakota in the west. The state's capital, most populous city, and largest metropolitan area fully located within the state is Des Moines. Iowa is the 30th most populous of the 50 U.S. states. Its governor is Kim Reynolds.

French explorers reached the area in 1673, and in 1682 the land was claimed by France. Over the next century Spain and France fought multiple wars over the region, and control of the land shifted back and forth between the two countries. In 1803, the United States acquired the territory through the Louisiana Purchase. Iowa became the 29th state in 1846.

Iowa has a four-season climate, reflecting the state’s position deep in the interior of the continent. Winters are cold, with temperatures averaging about 14 °F (-10°C). Summers are warm and more humid, the average temperature is in the mid 80 °F (about 30°C). Iowa has a landscape rolling hills or flat plains, more careful agricultural practices and animal husbandry. Their outright bans on DDT, a synthetic insecticide, has helped to rejuvenate Iowa’s wildlife. Deer, raccoons, opossum, squirrels, and chipmunks are prevalent. The river otter has been reintroduced.

In 2008, UNESCO chose Iowa City to be the world’s third "City of Literature", after Edinburgh and Melbourne. Cultural traditions are maintained as, for example, the Oktoberfest in the Amana Colonies or in the Dutch community of Pella, with its annual tulip festival.

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Complete List of Cities in Iowa


    Story City is a City in Story county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    West Burlington is a City in Des Moines county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    Tipton is a City in Cedar county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    Onawa is a City in Monona county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    Eldora is a City in Hardin county with -4 000 inhabitants.


    Missouri Valley is a City in Harrison county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Clarion is a City in Wright county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Garner is a City in Hancock county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Belle Plaine is a City in Benton county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Le Claire is a City in Scott county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Wilton is a City in Muscatine county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Sibley is a City in Osceola county with -3 000 inhabitants.

  • TAMA

    Tama is a City in Tama county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Rock Valley is a City in Sioux county with -3 000 inhabitants.


    Williamsburg is a City in Iowa county with -3 000 inhabitants.


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