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Pendleton County, located in the northern part of Kentucky, boasts stunning natural beauty and a rich history. The county is home to the Kincaid Lake State Park, offering outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for fishing, boating, and hiking. Visitors can explore the picturesque Duvall Valley Vineyard, which offers wine tastings and scenic views. The Pendleton County Historical Society Museum provides insight into the area's past, while the annual Pendleton County Youth Fair showcases the local agricultural heritage. With its charming small towns, rolling hills, and scenic countryside, Pendleton County offers a peaceful and idyllic escape for visitors and residents alike.

Find below the complete list of municipalities in Pendleton County:


    Falmouth is a City in Pendleton county with -2 500 inhabitants.


    Butler is a City in Pendleton county with -1 000 inhabitants.

Birth certificate - U.S. Vital Records