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Caswell County, located in North Carolina, encompasses a rich history and scenic beauty. Visitors can explore notable landmarks such as the historic Joshua Poteat House and the well-preserved Caswell County Courthouse, both of which offer insights into the area's past. The peaceful scenery of Hyco Lake and the serene trails of the Caswell Game Lands provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The county is also known for hosting the popular Caswell County Christmas Parade and the Caswell County Historical Association's annual events. Beyond these attractions, Caswell County invites visitors to appreciate its picturesque countryside and vibrant community spirit.

Find below the complete list of cities and towns in Caswell County:


    Yanceyville is a Town in Caswell county with -2 500 inhabitants.


    Milton is a Town in Caswell county with -500 inhabitants.

Birth certificate - U.S. Vital Records