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Calhoun County, located in the state of South Carolina, offers a rich tapestry of natural beauty and historical significance. Visitors can experience the tranquility of Lake Marion, one of the largest lakes in the state, or explore the history and culture through attractions such as the Calhoun County Museum. The region is also home to natural treasures such as Congaree National Park, where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and kayaking. With a strong tradition of agriculture, Calhoun County hosts various community events and festivals celebrating its heritage. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or an educational adventure, Calhoun County delivers a diverse array of experiences for visitors to enjoy.

Find below the complete list of cities and towns in Calhoun County:


    St. Matthews is a Town in Calhoun county with -2 500 inhabitants.


    Cameron is a Town in Calhoun county with -500 inhabitants.

Birth certificate - U.S. Vital Records