Order official Wisconsin Birth Certificates and Vital Records online

A birth certificate is one of the most important legal documents a person can have. It serves as a fundamental proof of identity, citizenship, and age. This essential record is necessary for various purposes, including obtaining a passport, enrolling in school, and claiming government benefits.

Who Can Request a Birth Certificate?

In Wisconsin, only specific individuals are eligible to request a birth certificate. These include:

  • • The person named on the birth certificate (if 18 years or older);
  • • Immediate family members (e.g., parents, spouse, children);
  • • Legal representatives or guardians with appropriate documentation.

What Documents Are Required?

To obtain a Wisconsin birth certificate, you must provide the following:

  • • A completed application form, which can be downloaded here;
  • • A valid government-issued photo ID;
  • • Proof of relationship for family members (e.g., marriage certificate, legal guardianship papers).

How to Obtain a Wisconsin Birth Certificate

By Mail

To request a birth certificate by mail, complete the application form and send it along with a copy of your photo ID and payment to the following address:

Wisconsin Vital Records Office, PO Box 309, Madison, WI 53701-0309

In Person

You can visit the State Vital Records Office in Madison or any County Register of Deeds office. Bring your completed application form, photo ID, and payment.


For convenience, you can order a Wisconsin birth certificate online through the official provider, VitalChek, using this link. Be prepared to upload a copy of your photo ID.

Tips for a Smooth Application Process

  • • Ensure all information on the application form is accurate and complete;
  • • Double-check that your photo ID is valid and up-to-date;
  • • Use certified mail with a return receipt if sending documents by post.

How Much Does a Birth Certificate Cost?

The cost for a Wisconsin birth certificate is as follows:

  • • Standard copy: $20.00
  • • Additional copies ordered at the same time: $3.00 each
  • • Expedited service (online orders only): Additional fees apply.

Processing Time

Processing times depend on the method of application:

  • • Mail: 1-2 weeks from receipt;
  • • In person: Same day
  • • Online: 1-2 business days for processing, plus shipping time for deliveries.

Following these guidelines will help ensure that you obtain your Wisconsin birth certificate efficiently. If you have any specific questions or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Wisconsin Vital Records Office directly through their official website.

WI Vital Records Office

Address1 West Wilson Street, P.O. Box 309, Madison, WI 53701-0309
Phone number(608) 266-1373