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A birth certificate is a critical document that serves as official proof of a person's birth and identity. It is required for numerous essential activities, such as applying for a passport, enrolling in school, obtaining a driver's license, and claiming government benefits. Knowing how to get a Tennessee birth certificate can help you efficiently handle these situations and ensure your identity is accurately documented.

Who Can Request a Birth Certificate?

The state of Tennessee has specific rules on who can request a birth certificate. Generally, the following individuals can obtain a Tennessee birth certificate:

  • • The person named on the certificate (if 18 years or older);
  • • Parents or legal guardians;
  • • Legal representatives or attorneys of the person named on the birth certificate; and
  • • Immediate family members (with proper authorization and identification).

What Documents Are Required?

When applying for a Tennessee birth certificate, you will need to provide certain documents. These usually include:

  • • A valid photo ID (such as a driver's license, state ID, or passport);
  • • Proof of relationship if you are not the person named on the birth certificate;
  • • A completed application form (available for download on the Tennessee Department of Health website).

You can download the application form and find detailed instructions on how to complete it from the Tennessee Department of Health website.

How to Obtain a Tennessee Birth Certificate

By Mail

To request a birth certificate by mail, complete the application form, include a photocopy of the required ID, and send a check or money order for the fee to the address specified on the form.

In Person

You can visit the Tennessee Department of Health's Division of Vital Records or a local county health department office to request a copy in person. Bring your completed form, identification, and payment.


For convenience, you can also order a Tennessee birth certificate online through VitalChek. This service allows you to order securely from their website.

Tips for Smooth Processing:

  • • Ensure all information on the application form is correct and legible;
  • • Make photocopies of all required documents for your records;
  • • Double-check the mailing address if sending by mail to avoid delays.

How Much Does a Birth Certificate Cost?

The cost for a Tennessee birth certificate varies. As of the latest update, the basic fee is typically around $15. Extra copies and expedited services may incur additional fees. Check the Tennessee Department of Health website for the most current pricing.

Processing Time

The processing time for obtaining a birth certificate depends on the method chosen:

  • • By mail: Approximately 2-4 weeks;
  • • In person: Same day service in most cases;
  • • Online: Typically within 1-2 weeks, with expedited options available through VitalChek.

In conclusion, obtaining a Tennessee birth certificate is a straightforward process if you follow the guidelines carefully. Be sure to gather all necessary documents, fill out forms accurately, and choose the method of application that best suits your needs. Should you have any further questions or require personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Tennessee Department of Health directly.

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