Order official New Hampshire Birth Certificates and Vital Records online

How do I get a New Hampshire birth certificate?


Birth certificates are available to the individual named on the certificate, immediate family members (i.e. parents, children, and grandparents), legal guardians, and authorized representatives.

How to Order

You can order a birth certificate in person, by mail, or online through VitalChek.

  • In person: Go to the Bureau of Vital Records office in Concord, NH and present a valid photo ID.

  • By mail: Fill out a Birth Certificate Application and mail it along with a copy of a valid photo ID and payment to the Bureau of Vital Records.

  • Online: Visit the VitalChek website and follow the instructions to order a birth certificate.

Note: Fees for vital records in New Hampshire vary depending on the type of record and the method of ordering. It is recommended to check the Bureau of Vital Records website for current fees before ordering.

Division of Vital Records Administration

AddressArchives Building, 71 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH 03301-2410
Phone number(603) 271-4651