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South Carolina

South Carolina is a state in the Deep South region of the Southern USA; it is bordered by North Carolina in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and Georgia in the south and west. South Carolina is the 23rd most populous U.S. state with a population of 5,148,714 in 2019. Its capital is Columbia, but its largest city is Charleston. Its governor is Henry Mac Master.

South Carolina’s climate is subtropical, with hot, humid summers and generally mild winters, the state is occasionally affected by tropical cyclones. This is an annual concern during hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to November 30.

Native inhabited what is now South Carolina for thousands of years before the area was settled by white Europeans in the late 17th century. In 1670, the English established a large settlement in the region. Then in 1710 they divided the territory into two colonies: North and South Carolina. Soon after, European settlers came to build plantations to grow rice and indigo and they sent slaves to work in these plantations. During the Independence War, South Carolina hosted more battles than any other colony. It became the 8th U.S. state in 1788.

During the first half of the 20th century, agriculture was the key to the state’s economy, but by the early 1920s the value of manufactured goods had exceeded that of agricultural products, and now textile goods, chemical products, paper products, machinery, automobiles, automotive products and tourism are the main resources for the state.

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Complete List of Cities in South Carolina


    Society Hill is a Town in Darlington county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Aynor is a Town in Horry county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Brunson is a Town in Hampton county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Ehrhardt is a Town in Bamberg county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Pinewood is a Town in Sumter county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Springfield is a Town in Charleston county with -1 000 inhabitants.

  • LANE

    Lane is a Town in Williamsburg county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Cross Hill is a Town in Laurens county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    Campobello is a Town in Spartanburg county with -1 000 inhabitants.


    McClellanville is a Town in Charleston county with -500 inhabitants.


    Sharon is a Town in York county with -500 inhabitants.


    Lockhart is a Town in Union county with -500 inhabitants.


    Bonneau is a Town in Berkeley county with -500 inhabitants.


    Hemingway is a Town in Williamsburg county with -500 inhabitants.


    Briarcliffe Acres is a Town in Horry county with -500 inhabitants.


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