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South Vienna Middle School is a public school in South Vienna, Ohio.

This school has 299 students and 14.2 teachers full time, with a Student-Teacher Ratio of 20.9.


Contact South Vienna Middle School

Address: 140 W Main St, 45369 South Vienna (Ohio)

Phone: (937) 346-0880

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The school ranks 361 of 1010. The previous year the ranking was 288 of 1038.

The average standard score for South Vienna Middle School is 67.79271

Student demographics

Diversity in schools is important and will benefit the students.

Find out the student demographics in South Vienna Middle School:

African American Students 1 0
Asian Students 4 1
Hispanic Students 6 2
Native American Students 0 0
Pacific Islander Students 0 0
White Students 281 94
Multi-racial Students 7 2
Unspecified Students 0 0

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