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Jefferson Elementary School is a public school in Maplewood, New Jersey.

This school has 486 students and 40.1 teachers full time, with a Student-Teacher Ratio of 12.1.


Contact Jefferson Elementary School

Address: 518 Ridgewood Rd, 07040 Maplewood (New Jersey)

Phone: (973) 378-7696

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The school ranks 248 of 1353. The previous year the ranking was 261 of 1352.

The average standard score for Jefferson Elementary School is 80.96884

Student demographics

Diversity in schools is important and will benefit the students.

Find out the student demographics in Jefferson Elementary School:

African American Students 112 23
Asian Students 17 3
Hispanic Students 30 6
Native American Students 2 0
Pacific Islander Students 0 0
White Students 292 60
Multi-racial Students 33 7
Unspecified Students 0 0

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