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Cherry Creek Elementary School is a public school in Lowell, Michigan.

This school has 488 students and 26.4 teachers full time, with a Student-Teacher Ratio of 18.4.


Contact Cherry Creek Elementary School

Address: 12675 Foreman St, 49331 Lowell (Michigan)

Phone: (616) 987-2700

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The school ranks 396 of 1448. The previous year the ranking was 512 of 1466.

The average standard score for Cherry Creek Elementary School is 72.61637

Student demographics

Diversity in schools is important and will benefit the students.

Find out the student demographics in Cherry Creek Elementary School:

African American Students 5 1
Asian Students 7 1
Hispanic Students 28 6
Native American Students 1 0
Pacific Islander Students 0 0
White Students 436 89
Multi-racial Students 11 2
Unspecified Students 0 0

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