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Cabrini Elementary & Middle School is a private school in Allen Park, Michigan.

This school has 486 students and 31.3 teachers full time, with a Student-Teacher Ratio of 15.5.

The school has a library and has an orientation Roman Catholic.

Contact Cabrini Elementary & Middle School

Address: 15300 Wick Rd, 48101 Allen Park (Michigan)

Phone: (313) 928-6610

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Student demographics

Diversity in schools is important and will benefit the students.

Find out the student demographics in Cabrini Elementary & Middle School:

African American Students 2 0
Asian Students 14 3
Hispanic Students 71 15
Native American Students 0 0
Pacific Islander Students 0 0
White Students 397 82
Multi-racial Students 2 0
Unspecified Students 0 0

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