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Another year is over, and a new one is just about to rise. And while each year is unique, with special moments scattered throughout the calendar, specific days come in handy in ensuring Americans take a break to celebrate their culture, independence, or other events. What are these federal holidays 2023 worth mentioning? Let’s find out below!


Types of Holidays in the US

America is the land of never-ending public holidays, but the Federal government of this nation only recognizes eleven of these days. During these US 2023 holidays, America’s workforce is entitled to free time off.

The USA boasts of two recognized types of holidays: federal and state holidays. All 50 states of America celebrate national holidays. By default, anyone working is entitled to a leave or a replacement holiday if they’ll be required to clock in hours at work courtesy of their work schedule.

State holidays 2023, on the other hand, are days when specific states celebrate or commemorate particular events. This event is only celebrated in that particular jurisdiction, not the entire continent.

Why It Is Important to Know About US Holidays

If you are an American citizen, the importance of marking these U.S. holidays 2023 dates can’t be over-emphasized. Learning more about public holidays is a great way to plan and make time for special events. If you’re working and need to make a physical appearance, getting acquainted with holiday information allows you to exercise your rights by demanding a replacement day to rest.

And considering that you will be working when you’re meant to rest, your employer must pay you holiday rates, regardless of your position and job agreement. Knowing the 2023 federal holidays you’re entitled to throughout the year makes it easy to keep abreast with employment laws and see what you’re entitled to regardless of your activities during such days.

Which Ones Are Given at the National and Regional Level?

Most holidays in America are given at the national level. Most, if not all, of the 2023 holidays are celebrated at the national level. These are:

  • • January 1 – New Year’s Day

  • • 3rd Monday in January – Celebration for Martin Luther King’s birthday

  • • 3rd Monday in February – Washington’s birthday

  • • Last Monday in May – Memorial Day

  • • June 19 – Juneteenth National Independence Day

  • • July 4 – Independence Day

  • • 1st Monday in September – Labor Day

  • • 2nd Monday in October – Columbus Day

  • • November 11 – Veterans Day

  • • 4th Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day

  • • December 25th – Christmas Day.

When it comes to state holidays, there is only one that is recognized by the government, which is the Inauguration Day holiday. This commemoration happens every four years after the elections and is celebrated on January 20th. The twist to this holiday is that only people working in Washington, DC, get to partake in this special day and take a day from work.

Holidays that May Be Moved to Another Day If They Land on a Weekend

Nothing stings like the loss of a federal holiday 2023 scheduled on the weekend. Thankfully, the American government understands the importance of these special days and offers a replacement day for its citizens when the holiday falls on a weekend.

However, this is reserved for individuals with full-time work. Part-time workers don’t get this leverage if the holiday falls on their non-work days. Your employer must compensate you using holiday premium rates, especially if you work during the holiday.

When working a shift that spans over two days, one of which is a holiday, the entire shift is treated as if it were a holiday. When working a shift that spans over two days, one of which is a holiday, the whole shift is treated as if it were a holiday. This means you get holiday premium rates throughout this period. Sadly, bridge holidays are not common in America, considering it’s a working nation that values time.

To Wrap Up

Public holidays are celebrated in America not only because they allow Americans to rest but also because of the cultural celebrations that come with these holidays. Remember these 2023 US holiday dates on your calendar and reap their relaxation and monetary benefits.