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Hotel in Hilo and its surroundings

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Nearby hotel : Wild Ginger Inn Hotel & Hostel
Wild Ginger Inn Hotel & Hostel
Address : 100 Pu'ueo Street : 15 $US / 0 $US - 30
Originally plantation worker housing built in 1909, the property converted to an inn in the 1930s. Located in downtown Hilo, this hotel features free parking and free Wi-Fi in public areas. Rooms include cable TV.
Nearby hotel : Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel
Uncle Billy's Hilo Bay Hotel
Address : 87 Banyan Drive : 99 $US / 94 $US - 146
This tropical beachfront hotel overlooks Hilo Bay and is located across from Banyan Golf Course. It offers an outdoor pool, an on-site general store, and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.
Nearby hotel : Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel
Address : 71 Banyan Drive : 159 $US / 578 $US - 286
Featuring a tranquil location on Hilo Bay and offering breathtaking views of Mauna Kea Peak, this hotel is moments from the town of Hilo and provides spacious and modern accommodation.
Nearby hotel : Country Club Hawaii Condo Hotel
Country Club Hawaii Condo Hotel
Address : 121 Banyan Drive : 0 $US / 94 $US - 40
Located 2 miles away from Hilo town centre, this hotel features a year round outdoor pool. All of the simply furnished rooms include a TV. Free guest parking is available.
Nearby hotel : Oceanfront Vacation Home
Oceanfront Vacation Home
Address : 47 Honolii Place : 250 $US / 0 $US - 1
Located 5 minutes’ walk from Honolii Beach Park, this Hilo holiday home is set on a bluff 30 metres above the Pacific Ocean. A private swimming pool and 8-person hot tub are featured.